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My System Specs


I've used the Fractal fans, not incredibly impressed with the DOA rate. I made a post a while back about getting 2 faulty ones on my first order, then getting them replaced by NCIX, both had the same loud buzzing bearing.
So then I contacted Fractal directly, they were very nice and friendly, replaced both of them, still ended up with buzzing fans. So then they said "Ok, we're really sorry," and sent me 4 free replacements.
Guess what? 1 of those 4 free replacements were actually good. I didn't bother with them after that, that was 1 in 10 that didn't work properly and now I have 3 fans that work but buzz fairly loud with no use for them.

I'll give Fractal credit though, the one that does work is slightly better in terms of noise than the old Nexus fans made by Yate, for half the price.

Oh and 3.0charlie, PM the Gelids here: - Buy GELID Solutions GELID Silent 12 1000RPM 120MM Quiet Fan 37CFM 20.2DBA HDB 3PIN

It's the same company as NCIX pretty much, they just specialize in doing business with small businesses. Which is why they don't show up on a lot of shopping search engines.
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