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My System Specs


Welcome to HWC!

I still have a LOT to learn, so these are just a few points to get things going until the smart guys chime in:

1 - If you can shop the listed components out to roughly $700 CND, you're getting great value. Shopping for value, leaning AMD, there may be other CPU/mobo permutations where you can unlock cores and OC to save a few bucks, but this is pretty strong kit out of the box.

2 - You're going to hear a lot about power supplies on tech boards. They're not as sexy as CPUs and GPUs, but either they're very very important or everyone here secretly works for a PSU manufacturer. I'm beginning to believe the former. If you mention your current PSU, case and fans, it'll be easier to guesstimate the OC potential for the GTX 470 and when the meltdown will occur. From what I understand, while still outstanding choices, neither the GTX 470 or 6870 have the OC potential of the GTX 460 or 6850.

3 - Warranty is attractive to everyone. XFX has an even better one (and makes 6850, 5850 and 6870)
Double Lifetime Warranty

Good luck!
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