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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Misoprostol View Post
Hey everyone. I'm going to be building an HTPC that will be at the DVD/TV/Karaoke(don't ask) hub of the house. I'm looking at doign it in a mATX form factor with a 7950GT video card and a dual core AM2 EE processor. The part that has me confused is all the options for TV tuners, sound cards (this will be hooked up to home theater stuff, not a cheap multimedia set), and remotes. Can anyone offer any input?
I'm using a Hauppauge PVR-500 and I really like it. I've tried the PVR-150 which is the equivalent single tuner version and is the exact same quality. I've also tried the Nvidia DualTV MCE and found the picture quality to be horible. I tried their decoder codec as well and just couldn't get it to look good.

You might also want to wait a bit till the Ati Theater 650 comes out (if it ever does, it's been pulled off the shelves once already due to some type of issue) but the fews reviews done raved about it. Only downside I see is that there is no dual tuner version out. The didn't make one for the Theater 550 and may not for the 650 so if you want a dual tuner setup you'll need to buy two.

Two answer your two other questions. If you go with Media Center, you can buy the Microsoft remote and receiver.

If you want to go with something like SageTV, MythTV or BeyondTV most people either go with the Firefly remote

or a Logitech Harmony.

As for the audio, I would recommend an M-audio Revolution 7.1 as they have excellent home theater sound quality.
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