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Originally Posted by Slik View Post
Hi all, I received the Roccat Kave set a few days ago and I gotta say, they too, are no match for the Psyko 5.1s. At least in my opinion. They are however,a very good match to the Tritton AX Pros. Of all the headphones that I have owned that have either three or four speakers in each cup for the purpose of surround 5.1/7.1 etc., I found the AX Pros and the Roccat to be the best. The AX Pros are more comfortable with less pressure on your ears and overall better fit. The Roccat have a better volume control in that the sliders for front, rear, etc. let you increase or decrease the volume a hair at a time. The controls "slide" whereas the AX Pro control is incremental. You can't get it "right on" if you know what I mean. Having said all that, if I were to use a 5.1 analog set of headphones other than my trusty Psykos, I would go with Tritton AX Pro. Both sets are priced about the same but the AX Pros come with extra ear and head band pads which come in handy. If you can't afford or don't like Psyko, and want to connect your headphones direct to your sound card for real analog 5.1 then go with Tritton. Take care all.
Hey Slik...I know you love your Psykos' but they do have sound leakage which is greatly annoying. If they could do something about this problem, then maybe, just maybe, I might give them a try.
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