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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
So that system with 4 Opterons uses only 1 CPU for games at all?
It's still a work in progress.. this weekend I'll be moving it from the table it was sprawled over into the haf 932 I just got.
It all depends on how threaded the game is. If it only makes 4 threads then it'll probably only use one cpu, if it can create more than 4 threads then it'll utilize more cpu's and I won't have to worry about a bottleneck.
I was trying to figure out if the dual 470s would bottleneck in a situation where the game only created a max of 4 threads, in which case only one processor would be used.
Then again, most of what I've said is based on assumptions and what I've read online. This is my first multi processor system and may be my first multi graphics card system.

All I was is concise evidence saying 'no, your system won't bottleneck' or 'yes, your system will bottleneck this badly'.

Also, Would folding benefit more from two 470s or one 580?
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