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Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
nono you misunderstood, I was calling *my* post useless. it the midst of trying to research how it does that (via software on the computer? or the mouse itself?) and I got preoccupied, sorry for the misunderstanding!

I'm just more surprised a G500 couldn't do that out of the box as well, as least with the right software settings.


On-The-Fly switching is different than what I'm trying to achieve.
On the fly switching: you got 2 different buttons on the mouse. 1 is binded to lower sensitivity, 1 is binded to raise sensitivity.

I'm trying to do both actions with 1 button.

On the fly switching: Click button 1, DPI goes up 1 level. Click button 2, DPI goes down 1 level

What I want to do: While Button 1 is pressed, lower DPI 1 level. Once Button 1 is released, raise DPI 1 level. Just like the R.A.T mouse does.

Lets put this in a gaming situation.
You're leaning over a wall with a sniper riffle. You get your crossair next to someone's head and you want to slow down your motion.

With On The Fly switching, you have to press Button 1, finish aiming, take your shot, then press Button 2 to get back to your usual DPI setting. Oh and make sure nobody headshots you while you're looking for that Button2.

With my intentions: You're leaning over the same wall, get your crossair next to someone head and press button 1(and keep it pressed), finish aiming, take your shot, release button1 and bam. You're ready to go hunting again.

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