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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
It never ceases to amaze me the double standard that some people apply to brand A over brand B. People who were all up in arms in full on nerd rage over the NV delays take ATI's delays in stride AND defend ATI's actions. Delays are never a good thing, it never to "improve the product" its always "oh damn there is a BIG problem!..How can be patch this in time for the next big buying rush?". Worse still, it reduces competition and keeps prices high.
I'm not sure I totally agree. It's certainly not a good thing for the company, but for consumers it may be a good thing. For example, if AMD went ahead and released an underperforming 6970 on schedule, the odds of a price war are nil. However, if they bring it up to spec and can closely match performance of the GTX 580, the consumer can benefit in the end. Certainly AMD does itself no favours in the short term, but they remain competitive in the long term and the consumer benefits... That is, if they can release a good 6970
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