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My System Specs


PSU-->In no way more ram should make you consider such a power supply. This one is for a gtx580 tri sli or something like that... or 5870 quad crossfire.. As for the GPU, there is the new high end ATi card coming out somewhen later this month. Maybe you'dd like to wait... to either get a lastt gen card or save on previous gen.

If plan on crossfire like 3-4 cards, this is a good units. Other wise, the AX750 or AX850 would perfectly handle a crossfire setup. (yes,even with 24gb ram ;) )

GPU--> consider XFX over saphire if you want to keep your card for some year, and double lifetime warranty add some value. I also dealt with their customer support recently, they were very helpful.

ram-->*In no way you need 12gb for gaming, 6 is plenty. Unless you're doing some autocad or heavy video rendering. Also, give a look at G.Skill. Usually less expensive than Corsair, but it's awesome stuff too.

6GB ddr3-2000 G.Skill ~160$

12GB (3x4GB) ddr-1600 G.Skill ~270$
CPU cooling --> Do you plan on overcloking? (I hope so with such a nice mobo and gear!) what are you going to use? air cooling? Corsair ram have quite high heatspreaders, that's to consider. My G.skill barely fit under my Noctua nh-u12 cooler. If you get those corsair modules, you may consider the Corsair H70 cooler.

storage -->*this is pure heavy stuff. I'm jealous.
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