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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
I will attempt to install this later. I am having some issues with mine though. In singleplayer, whenever I reach a checkpoint, or die, or load a saved game, it takes at least 5 minutes to load. It's very very annoying. Checkpoints is the worst. They used to only take a few seconds.
It's due to a memory leak if I remember correctly. What happens is eventually, the save files begin to corrupt and require more and more memory. Look at your saved file folder, the saves will begin small in size, but the newer they get, the more they take. As an example, your first save will be easily under a >1MB, but if look at the newer ones (where the files have become corrupted) they can easily reach <5MB. And of course, this was caused by the last patch. To fix it I had to restart from the beginning with a fresh install. Also, the longer this goes on for, the larger the files get, and it got to the point where it would freeze/crash my computer because it couldn't load the file. Not a fun patch to deal with.
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