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My System Specs


K got them in and installed!

As promised I will do an unprofessional review.


Installation was pretty straight forward. Remove the heatsink on the GPU. Clean the gpu and also remove the thermal paste off of the omni. Put new IC7 paste on the GPU. Screw on the OMNI, and then install. Took me about 30 minutes to do but would have gone a lot faster if I didn't strip a screw and had to drill it out.


This is the fun part. First thing I did was open up furmark multi-gpu. Put it at 1920x1200 max visual settings including 32xAA. Let it go till it leveled off on a Max temp.

Here are the temps for Furmark.

GTX 480 SC SLI Stock cooler
Forgot the min. Max 105c

GTX 480 SC SLI Omni Cooler
min 45c Max 90c

This is MUCH cooler than what I was getting before.

Now for gaming performance I will check Heaven Benchmark and then some Bad Company 2 then I will finish it off with some Counter Strike Source.

I did not write down temps for the stock cooler but I know that it was usually in the upper 90's to low 100's.

GTX 480 SC SLI Omni Cooler
Max 71c

Max 68c

Counter Strike Source
Max 62c


This is the area that I wanted to reduce the most. Now when running Furmark the Omni really picks up and they are just as noisy or slightly less as the 480 stock cooler.

When gaming that is a completely different story. They are much quieter. I used to have my 280 in my computer for physx but I removed them because they were the nosiest part in the computer. Now I don't hear the fans of my computer a floor above!


I am very impressed with the Omni cooler. Not only did it lower the noise it also drastically lowered the temperatures in my low airflow case. They also look really cool and now I have more space in the computer as they only take up one spot. They are a bit pricey but if you have Premier Partnership with NCIX you will save more than the cost of the PP if you buy 2 of these.

If I had to sum this up into 2 words it would be Holy ST

I give my seal of approval.


Click to enlarge.

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