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My System Specs

Default Gradual Workstation Build

I am looking to build a new workstation for Solidworks and CATIA design software, as well as Ansys Simulation/Analysis software. I am planning on doing this build in stages, and I need some advice on a few of the items. Also, I prefer to shop at Canada Computers or Tiger Direct for my hardware.

Case: ThermalTake Armour – Since I already have one being used on my current machine and will recycle it to this project.
Mobo: Asus Rampage II Extreme – Since I have one in the box taking up space in my closet for the last year.
CPU: Intel Core i7 950 – Seems to be the best balance of performance/dollars. I might also be interested in overclocking this build.
RAM: Not sure about RAM. Ultimately I want 12 gigs in there.
Boot HDD: 2 or 3 SSD’s in RAID 0 for performance, again not sure about make/model.
Storage HDD: 2 Western Digital Caviar Black 500gb in RAID 1 for storage/internal backup of the Boot HDD.
Video Card: Likely something along the lines of a GTX 465 to start with, but would eventually like to add 2 more cards for CUDA processing, as Ansys is supposed to take advantage of GPU parallel processing starting in their next edition.
PSU: Corsair of appropriate wattage.
Optical drive: I will just swing by Canada Computers and grab a cheap SATA DVD RW.

Ok, now here is the kicker, I have limited funds right now, and need to build it piece by piece. I am thinking of the following;
Case: have it
Mobo: have it
CPU: i7 950
RAM: start with 6 gigs and add 6 more when I can afford to
Boot HDD: use the Caviar Blacks for the boot until I can afford the SSD’s and then clone my OS to them and use the Caviars for storage/backup
Video: Use two Nvidia 9600gt’s in SLI that I already have, until I can afford the upgrade
PSU: use an OCZ powerstream 520 watt I already have until I can afford the upgrade
Optical drive: buy the cheap one.
I figure this path allows the smoothest upgrade, with no needing to “buy twice”.
Any suggestions/comments?
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