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Originally Posted by Avid6eek View Post
Then maybe you should read some updated reviews, or visit forums besides HC. The main problem you are refering to is early ATI/NV multi-gpu drivers. The 7800GX2 was probably the worst dual GPU card I've owned. The 9800GX2 was better, but game support for it was still very bad. I took a break from dual GPU cards and got back into it with the 4870x2...I had two of those in quadfire and they worked very well. I currently have two 5870's and am extremely pleased. Now two GTX 580's are on the way and I can't wait. The difference between two seperate single GPU's vs a single PCB with multiple GPU's is very small so being turned off by one and not the other makes little sense with current drivers.
There are still a ton of issues IMO. Especially with the newest games + app profiles not being done on time. Starcraft II still exhibits some scaling issues.
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