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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Since pricing is so fluid these days, going through the motions of that would be mostly pointless.

Oh? My ASUS card runs above 1025Mhz without an issue. How do you figure the current limiter is too aggressive?
interesting. and it stays there, no throttling,at all?

now, if the driver goes, will it fry?

Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
Not too shabby, seeing an average of about 12fps over my gtx 480 @ 1900 x 1200 resolutions. Good to see they got the heat problem taken care of. Looks to me, that this is what the GTX 480 was supposed to be and the naming scheme got screwed to avoid losing more ground on to ATI for the past little bit. Regardless, i solved my gtx 480 heat and noise issues with a waterblock and have zero regrets of purchasing this card. But the gtx 480s are falling out of the sky now so it looks like a great time to get a sli option.

wait till they hit the 250-275 price point ;)
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