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Originally Posted by Nate0007 View Post
I don't know about anyone else but I don't understand the rational of why someone would buy a gtx 580 for so much money or even a 5970 when in fact ... 2 x hd 6870's or 2 x 460 ftw will outperm form either of them for considerably less money !

I purchased my Hd 6870 for $ 239 adding a second will bring me to $472, and Id rather take $100+ savings and put it towards my Rig while not feeling like a just got taken for a ride.
Let be honest , 6 months for now this won't matter as the New GPU's will be more advanced and faster.
For now and for a long time to come though I cant see anything out there that 2 6870's or 2 460's ftw would have a problem with playing at High frame rates.
Don't forget, despite the recent advances, multi-card still isn't perfect - you're still more driver dependant (especially in the latest games that are more likely to actually need it), and not all game aspects lend themselves to being split across two cards. And even aside from those generalizations, some of us have been personally burned on multi-gpu in the past, and we'd just as soon avoid the chance of hassle.
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