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Thumbs down Too Much $$

I don't know about anyone else but I don't understand the rational of why someone would buy a gtx 580 for so much money or even a 5970 when in fact ... 2 x hd 6870's or 2 x 460 ftw will outperm form either of them for considerably less money !

I purchased my Hd 6870 for $ 239 adding a second will bring me to $472, and Id rather take $100+ savings and put it towards my Rig while not feeling like a just got taken for a ride.
Let be honest , 6 months for now this won't matter as the New GPU's will be more advanced and faster.
For now and for a long time to come though I cant see anything out there that 2 6870's or 2 460's ftw would have a problem with playing at High frame rates.

Oh and yes , i forgot.... Great Article sky , very nicely done.
Just not worth it.

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