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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Which probably reads as AMD isn't overly impressed with whatever samples theyve seen of the new 580. Hmmmm... Guess they'll wait to perfect it instead of rushing it out the door. To them, the 580 probably isnt much of a threat, or doesn't beat a 5970 enough to scare them.
Or they are having last minute issues with the 6970's, which the current rumours seem to point to. Seems the GPU was all good, ES sampes are good and all, but then all of a sudden when the final silicon was to be coming out, supplies suddently went limited and a product AIB's were VERY EXCITED AND CONFIDENT over(based on their impresstions with the ES chips) are a bit... confused as to whats happening.

AMD seems to be mum on the details and just has been telling the AIB all will be well and soon. Maybe they are having issues, or maybe they are just doing last minute tweaking to the board design(MUCH too late to do anything with the silicon).

Again, everything I've mentioned is all rumors which I'd take with a grain of salt, but its what I've heard and read. *I have NO INSIDER KNOWLEGE, ALL MY INFO IS FRIEND OF A FRIEND WHO'S BROTHER ONCE DATED A GIRL WHO'S FATHERS FRIEND KNEW SOMEONE WHO HAD OVERHEARD SOMETHING AT A BAR TABLE ONE NIGHT*