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The crucial C300 uses a Marvel controller. Its very fast. I personally prefer the SF drive to it as the SF is just a tad faster on the low end compared to the Marvel (think mid to high 80s vs low 90 MB/S @ the all important 4k file size). Where the Marvel is a SATA 6gb/s enabled device you wont get all the sequential read speed when its plugged into a sata 2 port but IMHO that is not a big deal as SATA 3 ports on mobos are via controllers that (as far as I know) don't support TRIM pass through. Id easily give up a touch off the high end (where it doesn't really matter outside game load times) to get ALL my low end ALL the time.

In the end either are great choices but Id take the Vertex 2. It is a beast. :)
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