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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
Welcome back Mr. K, good to see you getting back in the game.

I don't know that error code but it looks like you just got a bad WU, you're better off with the 6063 anyways as the 6071/2's are nasty.

Have you thought of trying the -bigadv, you would get some nice ppd with that hexa...
Thx LCB, I think it must have been a bad WU, the 6063 completed with no issues.
I will go to the bigadv once I know I got everything else worked out.

chris: Yup, I did, I think I did things right. I'm just setting up the GPU3 beta now and I have a question.

Note: The GPU3 beta client does not distinguish between 2xx and 4xx series NV GPUs. Add the -forcegpu nvidia_g80 switch to the 2xx client target field, and add the -forcegpu nvidia_fermi switch to the 4xx client target field.

Where do I add this?
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