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Default Will be missing deadline on the BIGADV project 2684


I have jsut restarded folding (I was gaming-rig less for a couple of month) on a I7 950 (current oc to 4.2) and 2 GTX470. I am using Bill2 to change the GPU folding priority to Average and the CPU folding to less than average. Back last spring, it worked fine, and I was getting the BIGADV bonuses but I was not runnig two GTX 470, I was on 2 GX2's.

Now, looking at the TPF, it seems I will miss the deadline. This kind of suprised me. I know the 2684 are diifficult WU, but still I was thinking I would make the deadline. Do I need to go back to regular A3 or do I need to tweak the core affinity for CPU folding ? Like dedicating 6 cores to CPU etc.... if so, I dont remeber how to do that. Can someon kindly help ?

I use the Window client, back then I was on Linux.

Thanks for the help. and keep on folding !

Edit as of now, suggestions are :

- use -smp 7 -bigadv in command line
- kill one or two GPU folding while it finishes
- don't use any affinity/priority program like Bills2
- in the config set the priority of CPU folding to lowest and GPU to Low
- For the GPU set Disable Cpu affinity lock, set it to yes

Sold hardware again.....
Currently using WHS hardware....

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