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Originally Posted by kruzn4evr View Post
Better have a good case intake fan pulling in LOTS of cool air for that Xfire setup.
Actually, this method will work far better for an Xfire setup, since neither card will be fighting the other for air.

Originally Posted by Keltron 3030 View Post
i question this design. with the fan after the heatsink, adding dust to the equation will not be a good result. sure, a good spray of compressed air will help getting most of it out, but what if ou get that caked on stuff?
I'd MUCH rather have dust on the fins of a heatsink than on every single blade of a blower fan (which is dam near impossible to clean btw).

Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
Damn this is nice and looking sweet but, if the fan is hidden like that won't it be noisier? Let wait for the real one and see what AMD can give us:)
I agree that we should wait, but also having the fan in the "middle" like this should help block some of the noise, rather than amplify it, which should allow it to run harder to keep the dual GPUs cool. This is all just guesswork for now though...

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Maybe I am missing something but squirrel cage blowers don't work like that. Blowers don't pull air from one side and through it out the sides. It needs a hole out the side to pull the air in.
Such fans can work in any direction really, some even use a 90 degree turn and still work (like some vaccums and industrial ventilation systems). I see no reason why this wouldnt work.
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