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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
man that is art. you a pro?
Thanks. I am a "pro" hobbyist maybe, that's as far as I would go.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Looks damn fine!!!!

I couldn't stand the thought of that poor 8800GT having to compete against a couple of 450s and a 275, so I pulled the trigger on a pair of those $103 PNY 450's. ;)
Thanks. Those PNY 450's are dam good! I have one and was lucky enough to obtain a tank. Seems to take anything I throw at it. Currently runs at 920Mhz, stock voltage @55C. If I had adequate cooling I would push it way way more.

Yeah, it's been a challenge to keep those GPU's at 99%. With 3 gpu3's I had to do SMP -6 in order for the i7 920 (@4Ghz) to meet the dealine. Adding the 4th gpu3 will cross the threshold where I might as well just do normal SMP units all the time. Ah well, that's what makes this stuff fun.

Originally Posted by Charloz24 View Post
Well I'm not even in top 3 anymore and still have all my rigs running... THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!! That means that the team was really stimulated by the contest. One month ago we were averaging 800 000 ppd and now we are staying 1 200 000 ppd ... that is nice, reallly nice team!
Oh come on man. You are like a PPD IDOL.

Originally Posted by Inik View Post
I made the top 10 producer :) It's my first time !

PSXeven. Batards of the World Unite!
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