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For those considering the Scythe Ninja is an excellent cooler, but there are other choices with similar prices and same/better performance.

The Thermalright Ultima-90 is an excellent cooler, and is within a few dollars of the Ninja; but you need buy a fan for it. The Coolermaster GeminII is also a good choice if you want to cool the components around the CPU (eg. RAM, NB) as well. The TT120 is also a good choice now, as it's price has dropped a bit closer to the Ninja's. I also recall seeing some reviews saying that Scythe's own Infinity/Mugen(?) beats the Ninja, but it does cost a few dollars more...

I don't know what I'm trying to say or why I went through the effort to say what i said.....

Anyways, I have a Ninja and I think it's a great cooler...I need to lap it cuz my temps peak in the low 70s. Or maybe I could just get better fans...but I don't want to increase the noise...any recommendations?
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