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Default Looking for racing/driving simulator with specific cars

I have been looking into this for a while now but have turned up somewhat lacking. I am looking for as many PC racing or driving simulators that are reasonably modern that I can use nice old proper muscle and pony cars in. Cars like Plymouth Barracuda (67-71), Roadrunner(up to 69), etc as well as other ones such as Dodge Challenger (70), Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 (69). I am not really into Mustangs or Chargers but other "lesser" models of big oldish street cars are also welcome. I suppose the desired date would be from 1965 to 1971/1972. Being Canadian it kinda stings to say this but I am looking for american cars, not European. Oh, and to clear something up, I am not looking for a primarily drag racing program. I am primarily looking for track racing(tracks like Tsukuba) with anything else like rally or drag being optional. Realistic damage would be great but also optional as I am going for the cars and non damage related physics first. The ability to upgrade/downgrade and otherwise tweak engines, suspension, drivetrain, etc might also be nice(I like what Racer offers in this area) but again, optional.

So far it looks like my best options are Racer and Rfactor(with a certain mod). I have also looked into GT Legends but that does not quite have the cars I am looking for.
Another possibility that I have considered is using NASCAR 2003 with a mod that I found once a while ago. VDrift was looked into and tested as well but left me disparate to "rm -rf ~/Desktop/Games/VDrift/".

As can be seen above I am open to mods and I currently am using Racer with some third party cars(basically all cars and tracks for Racer are third party), and it is great but I want more.

What do you think?
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