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Finally reach a stable clock w/ a decent temperature. First of all, i changed the thermal paste from artic silver 5 to artic cooling MX-4, which made a HUGE difference when i tried to OC. Currently my setting is:

vcore: 1.288
vtt: 1.275
dram. 1.65

CPU: 190 x 20 = 3800mhz
RAM: 190 x 8 = 1520mhz (cas 7, 4 DIMM)

Idle temperature: 26-30
load temperature: 77-81

Passed 20 runs of intel burn test with maximum stress (8gig or ram, ram for ~2 hours in total). Also passed 5 pass of memtest84. I hope this will give my system some stability tomorrow when i turn the computer back on.
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