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Default Wanting a Good Internet Tablet/Convertible/Netbook

Name says it all. I have a decent entry-level laptop right now but its a 15.6 incher and i only really use it for internet and watching vids. So, lets get everyones suggestions for a good Internet Tablet.

Some features I'd "Like":
- Decent touchscreen
- At least 5-6'', No larger than 9'' for a tablet, or 13-14'' for a netbook/convertible
- Good battery life (At least 4-5hrs w/ wifi & some useage)
- Good or better quality
- Windows or Maybe Linux - based. not a cellphone OS.

Things I'm flexible on:
- Any CPU/GPU/Whatever combo.
- Wifi g or n
- Touchscreen type

Wishlist: (By no means required, but who wouldn't want it? lol)
- Light gaming/legacy gaming?
- LED backlit display?

Make suggestions guys and help me out... I'm just starting to get into the research for this stuff.

New ideas: AMD Fusion or Nvidia Tegra2? Seems like all the Tegra2 tablets that have been announced thus far will only be running android.

Edit: I've update the above as to cause less confusion.
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