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I've read (can't remember source) that even the non-conductive fluids do become slightly conductive over time as it will pick up ions from the copper in the system. Don't forget water is non-conductive as well if it's pure enough, it only becomes conductive when stuff is dissolved in it. I'm sure though that the "non-conductive" fluids have a much reduced tendency to pick up the ions.

Also water is non as destructive as rumors make it out to be. I had a system running a 15% glycol/DI water mix that the pump blew up on and blasted water in a 4 foot radius. After the coolant evaporated some of my stuff didn't work. I washed off the residue with a solvent and that brought everything back to life. Even my new HDD was sitting in a puddle of coolant and it still works and that was about 3 years ago. On my new rig i'm just going to try DI with a touch of algaecide.
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