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My System Specs


Originally Posted by devilwarier9 View Post
So, I am working on building a new PC and am stuck at which of these options would be better:
3 of these
1 of these

Theyre about the same price range, but I am really considering both options. One of my main reasons I am considering this is for a hackintosh, if I go with the 9800 GT's I could build it, but I cant with the radeon 6870.

So, should I forget OSX and get the more powerfull card, or get the three Nvidia cards and OSX?

Any help and opinions are appreciated
Forget OSX. I have built a few Hackintoshes and it never is an entirely smooth experience unless every last piece of hardware is supported. The problem with mac is they don't support any high end desktop GPU so you are stuck with ancient tech.

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