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Though I very much agree with lowfat "that high end sound analog soundcards will always be cheaper than a high end receiver", I'm interested to see what happens in the industry. With HTPCs becoming more popular, sound card manufacturers seem to be taking a page from the AV industries line of thinking.

1. Most consumers don't like cables.
2. DACs cost money, even cheap DACs.

In the AV market digital is taking over, for better or worse, to keep cost down and because there is more demand. Telling a consumer that he/she can hook up 7.1 surround sound with one cable makes them jump for joy. Most people don't even know what a DAC is, so why bother including it if they aren't going to use it? This is the way the AV market is moving, which anything with HD on it is obviously trying to get into. Entry level blu-ray players have all but done away with analog out, and the receivers have followed suit by removing their multichannel analog ins. It seems odd to me that the soundcard industry seems to be going the opposite and removing analog from their higher end cards.
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