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My System Specs


Direct casualty of F@H (er... my obsession to squeeze more points out of an ATI card):
- Diamond Radeon 4850: I ran a stress test on it with lowered fan speeds (because stock 4850 fan is loud). It's bad to leave GPUs at 105 degrees Celsius overnight apparently. The card started coming up with nonzero force sum, then began to error immediately with NANs detected on GPU.

Possible casualty:
- ASUS Radeon 4870 DK Top: PCI-E link failed and was running at 1x instead of 16x - the card's primary purpose was folding but I can't tell if folding or improper packing when I brought my rig to LAN killed it. In its last couple months it was being starved by me putting a TV tuner card in the slot right underneath it, blocking the fan.
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