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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Here is the issue: service won't change one bit if you switch to TekSavvy or their competition. Yes, if there are network issues you can call them but from what I have been told, many issues need to be taken up with Bell anyways since it is their network.
But things will get fixed quicker, or at least they'll let the customers know what's wrong. Take a look at the recent Dupoint POI/phub for Rogers. Us customers were left in the dark to fend for ourselves, with each rep not wanting to tell me anything, or doing the same things over and over again such as speedtest, reboot modem, bypass router, etc. After calling in maybe 20 times, I finally got a rep who acknowledged everything and was actually a great tech support agent who told me everything I wanted to know, and more. Did I mention that tech support closed my ticket without doing anything or even notifying me?

So SKYMTL, you never lost your TV service during said windstorm? When I was with Bell ExpressVu, I lost TV service on average once to twice a month.

And you said you are struggling to hit 100GB/month. Well how do you use your Internet? How many users are there? Don't remember if I said this before, but qw stream (SC2, YouTube, drama) and download a lot (no not BT or music). Watching 720P SC2 casts for an hour and I use up like 2GB of my bandwidth already. Add that to multiple users in the house and it quickly adds up. At least half of my friends have to keep watch of their usage due to the way they use the Internet.
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