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My System Specs


I've heard of the overclocking issues. They are just speculation, but not good sounding speculation...

And while I've been around here long enough to know that these forums are mostly as friendly as us Canadians are said to be, I don't take offense to hits at my power supply or video cards. I picked the power supply for one reason and one reason only: it was pretty. It has flashy lights and changing colors and I have ADHD. (in your defense my mobo half-died a few months back. It gives random BSoDs once in a while and I took it to my old work and replaced every component but the motherboard and it still happened. Whether the PSU was to blame I can't prove, but I'd put money on it)

And yes, I've been doing a lot of reading while I wait for the software builds i'm doing at work, and unless I see something earth shattering about the sandy bridges, I'll probably be building this December (take advantage of the boxing day sales :D ). And I see where you are coming from about the all-at-once upgrade. I intend on buying everything I need but the video cards right away, and if money permits, I will get a single video card for now so I can upgrade later to SLI.

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