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My System Specs


It's good to hear input all around. _dangtx_ mentioned one of my concerns - it's usually a while after a product is even released that it's ripe for buying. And for those trashing my present system, the specs listed are old. I've upgraded a lot of it and the rest is becoming a little web/file server when I get this new computer. The only things moving from the old to the new are the 4.5TB of hard drive space, the DVD drive, and the heatsink for my CPU. And the case :). I am building this to copletely replace my old computer.

What I'm thinking right now is that I wasn't intending to build this until just after Christmas anyways, so if I've heard some very promising things before then, I might hold of a few more months. If nothing particularly jaw dropping about these new CPUs turns up, I might just continue with the 1366 build. I'm still interested in anyone else's thoughts.

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