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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
You will get very good results with a simple set up:

Get a Swiftech 220 RAD, the one with the built in res. It is about $50
10ft of tubing, about $10
A MCP655 pump, close to $70
An Apogee GT, then bow it with the included oring. it is very easy, and effective ($50)
Get a RadBox to mount the Rad. $15
1 set of 1/2 barbs for the RAD. The ones on the pump are built in, and the cpu block comes with its own - $2

You will need:
Various 120mm fans of your choosing
Lots of Zipties
Some Distilled water -2 litres should be more than enough.

Then you can create a simple loop like this!
Wow lol, I would have zero idea how to build that! Where would I get the parts in the first place? I live in Toronto. Thanks by the way. :)

P.S. WTF is that lightning like light coming from!? Very kewl man, very kewl. :D
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