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Originally Posted by xinhang View Post
I'm experience a very weird OC behavior and it has happened repeatedly. First of all my components are:

i7 860
Asus P7P55D premium
4 x 2GB G.Skill Turbulence 2133mhz
XFX 5870
Antec Quattro 850w

The weird thing is, every time i reach a stable OC (tested by 2hr+ prime95 and 2 pass memtest86) then after i shut off the computer and turn it back on 12 hours later the OC would fail. Also i notice the temperature would drop significantly from (50 -> 42) from startup. This phenomenon has happened over 5 times already. Sometimes the computer would be perfectly stable for couple of weeks then one day out of no where it fails. Also i noticed sometimes when after OC failed, if i shut off the computer and turn it back on it would miraculously fix itself. I really don't know what is going on. Any input is appreciated.


Xin Hang
I start considering an OC stable after 8 - 12hrs of Orthos, not 2hrs.

Bottom line, in my opinion, is that your OC was never stable to begin with.


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