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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Did you kill your drive life by having the folding clients on it? My Vertex is down to 30% life, and my page file and all temporary files were on a separate HDD. It was the constant VM usage and writing that used up my write cycles, I believe.

I have since relocated my folding clients to a HDD, and will continue that practice. I don't want to toast another $200 SSD.
Everything is on my SSD, folding+temp files+pagefile+hibernate file, and etc. Why you ask? Because SSD's CAN TAKE IT, and it does improve the overall system performance. Your welcome to be paranoid, but by the time anything you moved off your SSD will kill it, it will be LONG obsolite. Hell, I do alot of work with VM instances on the SSD too, and it seems to be fine.

Anyways, heres the health of my SSD despite having everything use my SSD hard.

Name:  ssd.PNG
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Size:  72.3 KB
Name:  ssd2.PNG
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All my point is, I doubt it was the Folding that killed it, take a deeper look at your system and try and figure it out, because my SSD is fine despite crazy usage. Did you bench on it alot? Canned benchmarks can work an SSD VERY HARD, much harder than any daily use and default "high usage" features, which you say you disabled, on the SSD and kill it very quickly
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