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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
You brought up Teksavvy's "investment" in infrastructure. I called shens since it is still Bell's network they piggyback on.

Please tell me what "crap" internet service is. I have had nothing but great service from them and their pricing structure isn't bad at all. For ExpressVu HD w/movie channels & 7 theme packs + home phone + Fibe 10 w/ 40GB overage block, I pay $137 AFTER taxes. "Hundreds"? Hardly.

Thats great if you have great service with bell. How about the other hundreds, if not thousands of people that feels different? Its been awhile since i had bell and my friends who are on them, hates them with a passion. Terrible cust service, overcharges, throttling, etc. Why they're still with bell is another story.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Would I change anything? Sure. None of the Bell DSL gateways / routers currently support Wireless N which is a total pain in the butt.

I agree. However, TekSavvy, etc. are NOT competition no matter how much they would like you to believe that. They are resellers and Bell has every right to tie them to a pricing structure which is less likely to cause competition. It is after all Bell's network they are piggybacking off of.

Want true competition? Pray that one of the big US or international players is stupid enough to spend billions in a market of less than 40 million people.

I agree, TekSavvy isnt a competition. They are using a network that bell created. But, with the public's money to fund it. Personally, the gov't should have a majority stake on that.

I really hope someone do come and build another network. Never thought netflix would come to canada, but its a welcome change.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post

I never said the prices were good right across the board. This is why I am pushing for UBB; people who use more pay more. I spend quite of bit of time on Hulu and Netflix while downloading AT LEAST three Steam games per month. I also download countless large files from corporate FTPs and I usually struggle to hit the 100GB mark.

It's as simple as that. Whether or not Bell, Rogers, etc charge insane amounts for UBB is a fight that needs to be brought before the CRTC once the propositions are put forward. THEN we can all sign petitions and march on Parliment Hill if need be. However, until that happens I am all for UBB.

I dont have a problem with paying more if the user is above the national average. However, being with rogers and having their expensive internet, but with a measly 175 Gb cap... well, i personally believe i should be getting more bandwidth with that amount of cash.
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