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Default Post your folding casualities

Post your folding casualties here so we can talk you out of quitting folding.

I've been at it since the CC this year, just got my first folding casualities, albeit minor ones which will only slow me down for a little while. But hey, my production doubled the last month so I'm pretty happy with that.

Here they are:
8600GT - stock fan burned out halfway through the October folding contest, took the shroud off and a 40mm fan strapped to it with an Antec SpotCool giving it more air. Taking it off folding duties until I find a more elegant solution.

D975XBX2 - ethernet controller died due to excessive northbridge heat from a sky high OC and my GTX 470 blowing hot air at it, using an old 10mbit network card for now, planning on getting a nice gigabit server card later. Going back to nighttime folding for the Fermi and toning down the CPU folding since it's getting tanked by the Fermi anyhow.
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