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My System Specs


If you're going to switch ISPs, I think you should stay away from DSL cus of the UBB.

And dunno if anyone saw, but here's some useful info.

Originally Posted by flafson
Originally Posted by geokilla
Originally Posted by Josh
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Ok anyways. For the 15/1 cable service, I understand we have to pay upfront for a whole year and everything. What if I wanted to leave a couple months after because I wasn't satisfied with the service, such as slow speeds, poor service/customer support? Are there any contract breaking fees? I imagine there are....
No fees to leave, but if you've already paid for the full year, you don't get a refund. You have 30 days to test it out though.
Ouch. Meaning once I sign that contract, I'm here to stay, whether I get good or bad service from Acanac. No I'm not saying they're bad. I just tend to be a bit pessimistic...
That's a little bit inaccurate.
There are no contracts with Acanac, it's a term plan, meaning they have charts of prices based on how long you stayed with them. If you pay for 12 months and after 6 you want to quit, they will look at how much they would normally charge for 6 months and credit you the difference.
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