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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
And this relates to UBB because?
You brought up Teksavvy's "investment" in infrastructure. I called shens since it is still Bell's network they piggyback on.

So you'd rather pay Bell hundreds for crap Internet service instead of paying Bell hundreds for bad Internet service while having Teksavvy around to provide some much needed competition around here? Is that what you're saying?
Please tell me what "crap" internet service is. I have had nothing but great service from them and their pricing structure isn't bad at all. For ExpressVu HD w/movie channels & 7 theme packs + home phone + Fibe 10 w/ 40GB overage block, I pay $137 AFTER taxes. "Hundreds"? Hardly.

The only time I or anyone I know has had an issue with Bell was during a bad wind storm we had at the beginning of the summer. I completely lost phone + internet. However, all of the exterior cables were repaired in less than 24 hours.

Would I change anything? Sure. None of the Bell DSL gateways / routers currently support Wireless N which is a total pain in the butt.

Based on what I learned in my two months of economics so far, assuming I'm applying my knowledge correctly, competition is what drives improvement. With people leaving the Big 3, they feel the pressure to improve their services to make them more competitive. However what they're doing right now is driving OUT the competition, causing Canadians to be stuck in one place.
I agree. However, TekSavvy, etc. are NOT competition no matter how much they would like you to believe that. They are resellers and Bell has every right to tie them to a pricing structure which is less likely to cause competition. It is after all Bell's network they are piggybacking off of.

Want true competition? Pray that one of the big US or international players is stupid enough to spend billions in a market of less than 40 million people.

There's nothing wrong IF you paid for say 10/1 for $20, and then a separate amount for bandwidth. But Bell's not doing that. They're forcing you to pay $5 more for 40GB more bandwidth, on top of the measly amount of bandwidth that's already provided with your Internet service. Look at the following example and you'll see why the overage charges are simply unreasonable.
I never said the prices were good right across the board. This is why I am pushing for UBB; people who use more pay more. I spend quite of bit of time on Hulu and Netflix while downloading AT LEAST three Steam games per month. I also download countless large files from corporate FTPs and I usually struggle to hit the 100GB mark.

It's as simple as that. Whether or not Bell, Rogers, etc charge insane amounts for UBB is a fight that needs to be brought before the CRTC once the propositions are put forward. THEN we can all sign petitions and march on Parliment Hill if need be. However, until that happens I am all for UBB.
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