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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Really? Last I checked it was Bell I called when there is a problem with my phone line and it is Bell whose line is coming into my house.
And this relates to UBB because?

The mobile market can't be compared to this since you are talking about a cross section that is entirely based upon WIRELESS communications so the infrastructure investment is relatively minor by comparison.

TekSavvy can bitch and moan all they want but in the end it boils down to them being nothing more than a reseller.
So you'd rather pay Bell hundreds for crap Internet service instead of paying Bell hundreds for bad Internet service while having Teksavvy around to provide some much needed competition around here? Is that what you're saying?

Based on what I learned in my two months of economics so far, assuming I'm applying my knowledge correctly, competition is what drives improvement. With people leaving the Big 3, they feel the pressure to improve their services to make them more competitive. However what they're doing right now is driving OUT the competition, causing Canadians to be stuck in one place.

We can voice our concerns by switching ISPs but what good will that do? The majority of Canadians know only of the big players. I'm willing to bet that if more people knew about the minor players and resellers, such as Teksavvy, competition will get more intense and the Big 3 will be forced to provide better Internet service for the prices they're charging us.

Again, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. They are pushing people towards buying blocks of bandwidth which is actually giving them more flexibility IMO. Instead of buying a monthly package and then praying that you don't go over, Bell now offers additional bandwidth for $5 in 40GB blocks:

Bell Internet's 40GB Usage Insurance Plan - Extra Monthly Internet Usage

Hence why they are upping the download cap.
There's nothing wrong IF you paid for say 10/1 for $20, and then a separate amount for bandwidth. But Bell's not doing that. They're forcing you to pay $5 more for 40GB more bandwidth, on top of the measly amount of bandwidth that's already provided with your Internet service. Look at the following example and you'll see why the overage charges are simply unreasonable.

Using Rogers and Teksavvy cable service as an example. For 10/512kb Internet service, Rogers charges almost $10 more per month yet provides 140GB less bandwidth. This tells me that bandwidth is very cheap and nowhere close to the insane amount Bell and Rogers charges per GB. Only reason I've been with Rogers for so long is:

  • my mom, like the majority of people, is scared of chagnge
  • I get 30% off for one year

I admit, I'm no good at arguments, but I believe your reasoning is incorrect either.

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