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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
See the problem with your statement is that you seem to think that the fees aren't bad and they only do mild throttling. This is Bell we are talking about, hell any of the big 3, there is no way they will have just and fair fees.
Sorry, what? Not one thing I have downloaded in the last 6 months has been throttled and I am on Bell. Steam? I get a constant 1.2 MB/s. Netflix? Ditto. Zune downloads? No problem. Hulu through a press account? It flies.

You also mention that we should have unlimited accounts through a high-priced business accounts. You do realize that all of our internet in Canada is already grossly over priced.
So? Nothing is going to change that but I can tell you that there are some extremely good deals if you are willing to look for them. Competition would be great but that will only happen once companies start releasing wireless broadband so the market isn't tied to Bell's infrastructure.

There is only one reason that Bell wants to do this and that is because they see things like steam and netflix and see nothing but dollar signs. They just want to take the already over inflated prices and drive them up even higher. But they will advertise even lower prices and just have more and more overage fees, it is not like they will drop prices for anyone. This will only drive prices higher and higher.
I totally understand but until Canadians are willing to go to bat against some of the CRTC guidelines, that will continue to happen. The reason I am FOR UBB (as the CRTC has approved it) is due to the fact that as it was presented, it is a good idea.

Too many people are jumping up and down with "what ifs". I won't sign the petition because it is simply based off of assumptions rather than facts.

If the CRTC pulls more bone-headed moves like they have in the past, I'll be the first in line with a pitch fork and torch. This petition on the other hand is completely misplaced.
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