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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'm actually in favour of UBB as long as the fees are within certain limits and as long as throttling of legitimate files stays at a minimum. Say between $0.35 to $0.40 / GB in addition to an "access fee". Anyone wanting to download 200GB per month should be more than willing to pay $80 IMO.

And don't start with "well what about GAMES!?". At 2-10 GB per, adding $1 - $4 to the cost isn't that big of a deal IMO.

Should users have access to "unlimited" accounts? Sure, if they are willing to pay for it through a typically high-priced business account.

See the problem with your statement is that you seem to think that the fees aren't bad and they only do mild throttling. This is Bell we are talking about, hell any of the big 3, there is no way they will have just and fair fees.

You also mention that we should have unlimited accounts through a high-priced business accounts. You do realize that all of our internet in Canada is already grossly over priced.

There is only one reason that Bell wants to do this and that is because they see things like steam and netflix and see nothing but dollar signs. They just want to take the already over inflated prices and drive them up even higher. But they will advertise even lower prices and just have more and more overage fees, it is not like they will drop prices for anyone. This will only drive prices higher and higher.
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