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i know the cards should be running about the same temp but the cards are sitting next to each other, the cap is like 1-2mm. and if you have seen a vaporx card, big cooler with a fan in front and a full back of the card cover. which leaves no room for the first card to breath. hence the piece of wood to pull the 2 cards apart and open up that 1-2mm to something like 8-10mm. the fan can't get any air because the second card is right there. the second card is getting all the air it wants, nothing after that on the motherboard. through the stress test, fur. i had it on crossfire and both of them were going full blast. it showed how much the cards were heating up with the piece of wood in between the cards. google the cards, 5870 toxic. youll know what im talking about. the cards are monsters.

the freezing problem sucks, it happens every now and then, more when im running crossfire, i ran the stress test fine. play some wow and it happens sometimes, more with the 2 cards. maybe clean the drivers and reinstall 10.10

thanks for the help guys
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