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Default Give me your cheap speaker advice

I bought a new motherboard and it supports 5.1 sound and has 6 nice little jacks in the back which look to me to be 3.5 mm. Instead of buying a bunch of new speakers I thought I might scrounge around and use some cheap speakers I had laying around. Unfortunately they all have 2 bare wires at the end. Anyone know of some connector that will take the wire and make it into a 3.5 mm plug to go into the back of the mother board? At some point I might buy some decent speakers but right now I just want to experiment.

I am not familiar with surround sound set ups so try not to roll your eyes too much. If I am missing any other key points please let me know (speak slowly and use small words). Is the surround sound active just by plugging the speakers into the plugs or is there some software setting that have to be enabled.
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