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Default Abysmal customer service

Over a month ago I needed a few cables for some PC work I was doing, and ordered them from Performance PC's, as I've heard good things about them in the past.

I placed my order, but when the parts still haven't arrived last week, I inquired for some help by email. I was thinking possibly they forgot to ship it out, or there was some fulfillment issue they were having - as I've had issues with companies who mark things as 'shipped' even if they are out of stock (Cough cough NCIX).

Since I didn't hear back in over a week, I started to get concerned that they might have overlooked my order, or simply have forgotten about my order. I opened a paypal dispute (not a claim) to see if I could get any help.

Today, they replied with this.

OK and you are a stupid customer. You chose the "cheap" first class mail option with "no tracking" which you agreed to at checkout and now you post this dispute with paypal! You will never order here again and your info will be forwarded to all the other US resellers for not accepting your responsibility for your shipping decision! ! All the more reason we hate to deal with Canadian people and their lousy postal service!

Now, let me remind you that I was simply asking when this was sent, and if they had any further info. Needless to say, this has been escalated to a claim :). Would you say this type of behavior is acceptable after I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and gave them two opportunities to resolve the issue?
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