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Default How to: Change subwoofer in Logitech Z-5500

Hello fellas..

I did this little project today after gathering *just* enough information online. And thought it was quite difficult to find what I wanted to find. So I'm going to write up a worklog with pictures over the next few days on how I did it.

Pictures to follow..

I blew the subwoofer in my Z-5500 system, and the subwoofer wasn't very good sounding to begin with. I read that a replacement can't be bought, so you have to get another 10" sub. But not just any 10" will do..

Here's a pic of the damage, the cone split from the coil. Could *possibly* be glued back, but either way it's a great excuse for an upgrade.

The Logitech sub calls for 8Ohms, and that is a rare speaker to find in a 10" sub (or any size?) since most are 4ohm, or even 2. However, you can get a dual coil 4ohm subwoofer and wire it in series to make 8ohms. And it works perfect and won't blow your amp. I will make a diagram to show how this is done.. The subwoofer I bought is a Clarion SRW 1085. Can be had for around 100 bucks at your local car audio store. I wasn't picky as to what sub to get. Just make sure it is 4ohm dual coil (or single 8ohm if you can find it) and at least 188W RMS (this one is 325W RMS). You can have up to about 6" depth and the box should fit it. Mine's 5 3/4" and it fits in just fine.

The amp in the system is actually quite decent, it drove my system on boost 11 for hours before the sub blew, and the amp didn't even get hot. It will and does drive this sub just fine.

The process is quite simple, you have to remove the grill, and this video showed me how to do it, because I WAS DOING IT WRONG!


Once you have the grill removed, remove the 8 Phillips #2 screws (use a drill, takes a lot less time). The subwoofer then comes out and you can disconnect it from the wires. It's tricky I had to use a utility knife to unhook the tiny pins.

Now time to wire up the new sub. If you have a 8ohm single coil replacement, just hook them up directly to positive and negative. If not, this is how you wire it.

You just need a piece of speaker wire about a foot long if that, just use 1 side of it, and splice the ends and connect them as shown per diagram. This way the coils run in series and matches the amp at 8Ohms instead of 4. This is a picture of the wire needed, the guy gave me it for free with the sub:

I had to drill new holes since my sub was about a half cm off from the original holes, just get a small drill bit and drill new holes with your sub sitting in place. Then drill the original screws into the holes. It works out great. Once you have it hooked up and drilled in, you're ready to hook it back up and test it!

This is a picture of my setup without the grill, haven't decided if I want to put it back on or not

Mine sounds GREAT! Way louder than original when needed, doesn't sound as muddy at all, and goes a bit deeper. No distortion! All around happy with my modification. I will enjoy this set for a few more years now! The stock box is tuned for a higher bass frequency, so it still won't sound perfect at 30-50hz, but with the new sub it sounds better all around, and is much louder!

Hope this helps someone

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