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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 4DoorGTZ View Post
Came across something that stumped me. Using the tracker on my octo-gpu box #1 the cpu/smp option in the settings has "SMP" greyed out and not able to select. Meanwhile the regular console version from stanford has no problem running smp on all 4 cores. So for now I'm using the tracker for the 7 gpu clients (updated the nvidia drivers from 2008 to the newest and still 1 core is "dead") and the console smp client. We'll see how this runs since I'm off work for a week I can run back here should it stall/lockup in a day or so as per usual :)
When you start up the Tracker what do you get for detected CPU? This is most likely a problem with the Tracker not detecting your CPU correctly. I will be adding an option to force unlock SMP and -bigadv for cases where the detection doesn't work correctly.
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