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Originally Posted by INurHome View Post
I received the tracking number yesterday. Package was dropped off on Friday as discussed.
To anyone who is reading this, seller acted as agreed upon.
When I didn't receive the tracking number on Friday I assumed the worst. And acted on that assumption.
For those of you who would deal with me, you should know that I don't trust you (you haven't earned it) and I expect you to send the tracking number the day of shipping, otherwise I will sit here and over think things.
If I am the seller you will get the tracking number as soon as I do, IMO its courtesy.

quikgp: I am sorry if I caused you any anxiety.
I understand sitting there being worried, that is why I sent you a message (although it was a late one) to let you know that I didn't just bail on our deal. You even posted that message in your post, that at 11:50pm, I told you I sent the package and promised to send you the tracking number later. I was literaly on my iphone driving through algonquin park when I sent that but I apologize for the long delay and any worry that I caused.

As stated in the messages above, people are honest people here. I caution that you be wary of buying of people with 0 feedback and very few posts, but most people here are honest people who enjoy a common hobby and are out to help others enjoy the same.

For everyone's sake, I'd like to ask that no one else post any feedback regarding this misunderstanding. If anyone feels they have anything to say, please pm myself or Chris directly, so we can keep these forums clean and friendly

PS, thanks to all those members who offered good feedback for me, I appreciate that hope in time I can return the favour!

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