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My System Specs

Default Scythe Ninja Rev B. for those considering it - lots of pics 56k warning!

I thought I'd post my pics of the Scythe Ninja Rev B. for those that are considering it. There are obviously in-depth reviews available but you can't see enough pics before you buy something, so here are mine.

My opinion for what it's worth: It's a large impressive looking cooler. Difficult to seat on an AM2 since it doesn't have a pulley style clip. Could use a lapping out of the box and seems to work better when you spread the TIM thin across the CPU rather than a bead of it. I get 36-37C idle and 59C under load with it in a well ventilated CM690 with an AMD X2 6400+ BE

And now for PICS!

The Beast in the Box

The Box side view with the clip options. AM2 Ready! (to shred your hands...)

The stock 120mm Scythe fan next to the HS

A closer look at the Fan and Heatsink

The underside. Be careful to clean off the residue from this sticker. and DON'T forget to remove it, lol. (I did remove it in case you are wondering.)

Here is a close up of the included Thermal Material, I don't know how good it is, I used AS5.

Intalled in a CoolerMaster 690 case, just enough headroom. It's tall!

And now a few vanity pics with a replacement Blue LED fan. CoolerMaster 1200rpm Blue LED.

Now to get on to that case window mod...


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