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My System Specs


I have a q9400 that will run 3.3 Ghz at 1.1V on the Vcore. Anything above that and I have to tweak my mainboard voltages. to get to 3.4 I had to bump my VTT FSB voltage to 1.325 . I run an MSI P35 Neo 2 and I find that the MB voltages need the tweaking more than the Vcore. The memory also gets finicky at higher FSB speeds, I have 8GB DDR2 1066 Corsair Dominators, and I have to get really conservative with the timings even at the speeds the manufacturer says is ok.

I use an ECO ALC CPU cooler with a push pull fan config on the radiator, at 3.4 Ghz @ 1.125v FSB 8x425 my max temp running the Intel burn test is 45 degrees C running the max test (takes about 30 mins to run).

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